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Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

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These resistance bands provide you with a more intense workout as it incorporates resistance training, which can help tone and sculpt specific areas! Perfect for working out from home, or taking on the road.  Looking for a challenge? Add resistance bands to your current free weight exercise & exponentially increase your intensity.

Train anytime, anywhere with COREFX Resistance Bands!

Whether you want to tone your body for a summer holiday, boost your performance in sports, or even for the Olympic Games, our resistance bands are powerful enough to help you meet all of your fitness goals. With our Resistance Bands, challenge yourself with a full-body resistance workout from the comfort of your home.

Built with premium-grade rubber with a smooth finish, the bands are designed to be used in a variety of ways, from stretching to toning and strengthening, helping you achieve your training goals. These bands help develop muscles with resistance training in a way that is fun and convenient.



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The Resistance Bands from COREFX do more than just tone or stretch your muscles. Combine these light and durable bands with physical therapy to improve flexibility. It also assists people in rehabilitating torn ligaments or muscles.
Applicable to
Any Part of the Body
If you’re looking for a fitness product that will work your entire body, the COREFX Resistance Bands are for you! Using resistance bands, you can work your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and glutes, all at the same time. Our bands are the ideal choice for fitness training, strength training, functional training, yoga, and physical therapy.
Push Training to the Next Level
When it comes to enhancing your muscle strength you’re not going to find anything like the COREFX Resistance Bands! These revolutionary bands assist with stretching, toning, strengthening, and more. By incorporating resistance training into your workout, resistance bands provide a more intensive workout, which can help tone and sculpt specific body parts.
Built to Last
Not only are the bands strong, but they're also extremely durable. Resistant to over-stretching and cracking, they offer an unparalleled experience for anyone looking for a quality workout on a budget.
and Portable
Whether you’re traveling or just don’t have time for the gym, these bands will fit into your busy schedule and keep you fit. Weighing only a few grams, COREFX Resistance Bands are easy to use at home or take along with you wherever you go! Furthermore, when not in use, you can conveniently store them up. Moreover, these resistant bands allow you to pair them up with your door anchor and add a link so that you can work out from any room of your abode.